OK people listen up. The last couple of days have got my mind rolling with some crazy thoughts hehe

Now that Gruden is free and the Rumors are that his dream job is Notre Dame!!!!!! Who would he take over for IF Notre Dame gets Gruden??? Thats right Charlie Weis. Ya he sucks as a HC BUT if you can think back a few years he WAS the OC for the Patriots Super Bowl Wins!!!!!!! Guess who else needs a job Romeo Crennel and yes your right he was the DC for the Pats during those Super Bowl wins hehe.

SO IF Notre Dame takes Gruden and fires Weis Pioli could Hire

Charlie Weis as OC
Romeo Crennel as DC

Then either Keep Herm on, Pioli tells Herm that Weis and Crennel have A LOT to say in how plays are called. OR grab some one like Shanny to take over.

I honestly do not think Weis or Crennel made very good HC's BUT they are TOP OF THE LINE Coordinators.

SO what you all think.