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Thread: Our WR's

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    Default Our WR's

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    I have been a fan for at least 20 years...So tell me why we have not had a REAL standout reciever WITH a complimentary #2??

    I remember J.J. Birden, Willie Davis, Derrick Alexander and Joe Horn and FEW more. Although Horn was not THE go to guy and Alexander on the tail end of his career.

    What about Sylvester Morris? Nothing.

    Whoever takes the helm, or stays at the helm, needs to be sure that we get 2 more noteworthy recievers.

    Oh..A couple of more things..With TG and DB, that is a great start but we have to have some SPEED to compliment and keep the defense stretched.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbolan View Post
    Very true..All I am trying to do is show what an asset a speedy deep threat could be.

    Take a look at the Steelers stats for the Reg Season:

    The had one , 1,000 yd reciever and the TE had over 500. The other 2 (Washington and Holmes) had very nice years and averaged around 14-15 ypc. They provided the quick, fast deep threat.

    Tony can't keep producing 1000 yard seasons and if we can have two 1,000 yard recievers, that tells me that there were some others that could not get open, even on the short routes. Opposing defenses used single coverage and filled the box? eh?

    Okay...We need lineman? Yes. We need some defense? Yes. We need a QB? Quite possibly so. Do we need a speedy deep threat (holmes, washington,). Sure.
    Well, the Pats, for their three SBs, never really had a speed guy. Neither did the Steelers (Randel El wasn't that speedy), Bucs, or Ravens.

    I do understand your point though. We drafted Will Franklin to be that guy, our coaching staff/scouts unfortunately not realizing that football is a contact sport, even for frail WRs.

    Between Bradley, Bowe, and TG, we can probably make do for this season. The FA market is very thin for WRs, and Pioli isn't the type to spend big money on a WR anyway. And we have much bigger problems that we need to focus this draft on.

    The playoffs is probably a two-year process (at least) for us anyway. We can't, unfortunately, fix all of the damage done to the Chiefs over one offseason. WR should probably wait until 2010.

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