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Without a doubt, there are several areas that need addressed and concerning WR's, I do not think that using our 1rst pick for one is wise.

Go to FA and pick up a very good reciever to compliment Bowe. This would push him to perform and have some veteran leadership. TJ Houshmenuada would be a very good compliment and there are others that will be available as well.

Again, why do we ALWAYS ignore our WR corp?

When Vermeil was here and we scored a lot of points, yes we had a better line and we had a running game as well. The O-line also needs time to GEL. Any team will attest to that. If the entire line is on a constant shuffle from year to year, what do you expect?

As it stands, we really do not have a reciever that pulls multiple player coverage.

We need some speed with hands to compliment Bowe's size.

RB's, LB's and Linemen are a dime a dozen as well if you have enough scouting talent to notice them and use the right scheme to accentuate their strong points.

We have more WR talent on the team now than we did in any Vermeil year. Eddie Kennison was a trooper, but he had the skills of a low-end 2WR and he put up 1WR numbers because we had a good QB and great OL.

And you're not watching enough football if you think good linemen and LBs are a dome a dozen.