Ok guys just wanted to put a couple things down. A Dream offseason and I'll try to make it short.

FA's:(no way we get them all hehe)
Sign Suggs-DE
Sign Vilma-MLB
Sign Haynesworth-DT

DRAFT:(this trade COULD happen)
Trade 3rd overall with Eagles 21st,28th,52nd and trade 4th round picks.

1)21st- Duke Robinson "G" Oklahoma
1)28th- Alex Mack "C" California
2)34th- Brian Cushing "OLB" USC
2)52nd- Shonn Greene "RB" Iowa (with the idea Pioli does something with LJ)
3)67th- Herman Johnson "RT" LSU (we convert him from G to RT and he will be a beast at 6'7 382)
4)117th- Graham Harrell QB" Texas Tech
5)131st- Ramses Barden "WR" Cal Poly-SLO (6'6 227 with ok speed)
6)162nd- Glover Quin "CB" New Mexico
7)195th- Chase Patton "QB" MU (could be our QOFT with Shanahan coaching him)

SO we would have 3 QB's fighting it out (Thigy, Harrell, and Patton)

A stud Power Back in Greene

A new WR

Oline would look like this:


and with Suggs, Vilma, Haynesworth and not to mention drafting Cushing as our OLB our D is 100000 times better.

I know what a dream, but looks good doesn't it hehe