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Thread: Chiefs will retain Chan Gailey

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    Default Chiefs will retain Chan Gailey

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    Adam Schefter reported that the Chiefs denied Tampa Bay authorization to talk to Chan Gailey.

    It is apparent that they Chiefs do not want to let go of his services.

    Now for some speculation. Some think the next HC is already named, and is confortable with Chan as his OC. The next speculation step is keeping Chan as interim HC for a year until the ideal HC is availale, or Chan could be that dark horse.

    There is also a friend of a friend of a friend rumor that the Chiefs are going to retain Herm as lead scout. Herm himself has been quoted as saying he was interested in getting into the business side of football. Given that, I would still think he would be at the Senior Bowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I H8 Every Team But KC View Post
    If they make Chan the head coach I will not watch my Chiefs next year...

    Why would you even do that? Anything is better than the deer in the headlights we had last year. I'm sorry but If we have one guy to be the head coach of our franchise I would prefer someone passionate enough to atleast look like they cared to win the game. Sorry, but I've never even seen him smile on a sunday afternoon and it bothers me.

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