Hello to all here on Chiefscrowd. I'm sorry I havent been here much lately. I am now a featured writer on another site, and it has kept me pretty darn busy..

Allow me to give you a little piece....

Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok, Ok.....I know. This is like a soap opera without the main character right now. There are so many things that could happen. There are so many things that could go wrong I'm sure. But there are also PLENTY of things that could go right.
On the day after the dismissal of good ole' Gun. I take measure of what the CHIEFS need to accomplish as we approach Friday. I say Friday, because I personally believe we will have some answers on Friday. I could be wrong, but I am wise enough to know that they need a coach in place for the weekend.
So who's it gonna be folks? Mike Shanahan?
My thought's on Shanny are simple. If this truly is Pioli's "ace up his sleeve" like some are reporting (cough..Mortenson..cough), I would guess that he would want his own Staff. Right? I also believe that at this point considering the relationship that Scott Pioli has with Romeo Crennell, that he could be a strong candidate for the vacant defensive coordinator position. ( sigh )
Could this be the Trifecta? Maybe...I guess I can live with it. It will take some time for good ole BarryinStlouis to digest Mike Shanahan as our new head coach. I'm sure Im not alone. But, as I stated, I could live with it.
Or how bout this.....
Bill Cowher. Ohhh... here he goes again right? That's what your thinking? C'mon... lets do the list.
  1. There IS a relationship between Scott Pioli, and Bil Cowher. This is Fact.
  2. Why would Boomer make the comments he made about his very own coworker? Is this legit intel?
  3. If Scott Pioli hire's Bill Cowher it would be the home run of the century for the CHIEFS. Just like it was when Clark got Pioli.
  4. We have the money, right?
  5. Clark hunt could sit back and watch Arrowhead fill up every Sunday couldnt he?
  6. Dosen't Cowher/Crennell sound better than Shanny/Crennell?
  7. These things take time, and they certainly aren't going to can they're little Hermy, unless they have someone in place. Right?
  8. Two words, SUPER BOWL
Mr. Pioli, If your not reading this post, you would be wise too. My personall opinion on starting a new job says that you need to come into work, and blow the doors off the place with your bad ***. ( ha )
You wanna fill up Arrowhead Mr. Pioli? Would you like to hire the RIGHT man for the job? You know,.. someone who UNDERSTANDS what "Arrowhead Stadium" means? You know,..Someone who has a great relationship with the Hunt family, kinda like the Kraft's up there in NE?
Bill Cowher is the right man for the job Mr. Pioli. Money should BE NO OBJECT. He wants to wait a year? You can make him an offer that will change his mind I am SURE.
BarryinStlouis says you need to Hire Bill Cowher, Mr. Pioli. And if you want to have a discussion on the matter. I'm ready to give you 9 freaking hours too. You aren't winning this argument. ....( cough ) Sir.
Scott Pioli/Bill Cowher/Romeo Crennell
add Chan Gailey to that, ...again...
I am BarryinStlouis, and say WRITE THAT DOWN

***UPDATE*** 11:45pm Friday night Jan 22
You know folks,..something else has occured to me. An additional reason why my gut still says Bill Cowher. Allow me to share my thoughts here. Did you now that Chan Gailey is the ONLY coach we have that we have denied permission to interview elsewhere in the league? Or maybe Scott Pioli wants to Hire Chan Gailey as the head coach? What sticks out here to me, is the simple fact the Chan and Bill Cowher had a pretty solid relationship when they worked together. May this be an arrangement that Clark, and Scott are trying to put together? Another reason, why I STILL think it could be Bill Cowher. Good night folks, hope we hear about this tommorrow. ( last night )

I hope all is well. Im still a member here, and Im glad things seem to going just fine. Join me for my new Blog if you like to talk CHIEFS everyday on

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