My friend was talking about an interesting trade idea for our team. Matt Cassell will probably be traded when (and if) Brady comes back in time to be there for summer workouts. If that is the case, what about we trade our 1st pick to NE for Cassel and their 1st round pick, and maybe a day 2 pick.

Essentially, with the draft value charts we would be using the equivalent of a mid-round pick on Cassel. We could use our 1st and second rounders to either move back down into the mid-early first to Maualuga, or Duke Robinson. Or we use NE 1st for Mack and our 2nd for Herman Johnson or Loadholt.

That would give us an O-line with:
(Albert and Loadholt could be switched around)
Albert/Waters/Niswanger/Robinson/??? + Maualuga

Our O-line would be set, and we would have a pretty decent QB, and maybe our franchise LB.

Personally I like Thigpen, and Im not super impressed with Cassel, and I doubt NE would want to trade for a top 5 pick. That being said, what do you guys think?