- Written by Coach

Adam Schefter has been adamant that there is no deal imminent for Mike Shanahan to be the next coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Adam Schefter has reportedly received his information from sources within the Denver Broncos organization and from Mike Shanahan directly.

However, ESPN's NFL Insider Chris Mortenson claims to have received initial information from his sources within the Chiefs organization that the Chiefs were very close to a deal with Mike Shanahan.

So, here's my question.

Do you think there is any chance that the Chiefs organization planted this story in the media to judge how it would be received by the media, the fans, and Mike Shanahan?

I find it very odd that Chris Mortenson could have been so wrong with this story. The leaking of this false story would help to explain the sudden about face that Chris Mortenson did on this story within only a few hours.

By leaking the news in the manner they did, the Chiefs organization was able to gain valuable reaction to the hiring of Mike Shanahan from key players such as Tony Gonzalez. The Chiefs were able to get the instant reaction of nearly every NFL analyst. Thousands of fans weighed in with their reactions on fan sites such as this Chiefs fansite. By planting the story, the Chiefs organization was able to test the waters without actually extending an offer to a very controversial hire from a longtime rival.

Do you think this story could have been planted to judge the reaction from the fans, the critics, and possibly Shanahan himself?