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That isn't that bad. Looking into next season, I think the positions on defense that will be taken care of will be RDE, MLB, and ROLB. We can get by with guys like Page and Tyler. We may not by a top 15 defense, but just fixing those three positions will change the way our defense looks. I'm not about rankings as long as we win some games.

And who remembers how our defense ranked in 2007 with Jared Allen?
True. Although I'll always believe that the most unheralded mistake we made this season was cutting Napo. He was an above average MLB who led the Chiefs in tackles in 2007. When we cut him, the middle of the field became a vacuum for us.

Think about it - over the past two offseasons we ditched Sammy Knight, Jared Allen, Napo, Jimmy Wilkerson, Kawika Mitchell, and Keyaron Fox in the offseason. These would have been our 2008 ROLB, MLB, and DE, with a couple valuable reserves. What are our biggest needs again this offseason?