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Cassell is not coming to the Chiefs. Mark my word on that.

Everyone here talks about Croyle being so fragile, yet he was pummeled due to poor o-line protection and no recievers to truly stretch the field. Croyle's downsid eis that he cannot scramble as well as Thigpen.

Regardless...Cassell will not be persuaded to come to KC. Seriously look for him to go elsewhere.
You are right, he is not fragile, Croyle doesnt know how to take a hit. If you watch him get tackled, he doesn't understand how to roll your shoulders and body to brush off hits. Darren Sproles and Dante Hall are smaller than Croyle and take (or took) a lot more hits during their time. Croyle always tried to run over the guy hitting him, while a good RB/WR will roll away from the hit. Unless it is a big RB against a DB, thats the only time you see them purposely keep their body square. This also isnt something I think you can teach someone either. You learn it in Pee Wee/HS.