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There's an old saying - if you have two starting QBs you have no starting QBs. If we bring Cassell in, it won't be for a half-assed QB competition. He'll be anointed the starter. And if we stick with Thigpen, we won't have a meaningless open camp between Thigpen, Quinn Gray, and Brodie Croyle. Thigpen will be our starter.

The open competition for a QB spot nonsense never works.
Leinart effectively went into training camp this year as "the guy", and Whisenhunt quickly realized Warner was the better solution. This is what worries me. What happens when in training camp a new offensive scheme is introduced, one that doesn't exclusively involve shotgun packages, and Thigpen resembles early-season, non-spread Thigpen? Then with no other option available, he throws 25 interceptions and we win 2 games again, OR we're forced to yet again abandon the gameplan and switch back to the spread, further delaying the development of our young offensive players.