I am so tired of hearing how TGon wants out of KC. His complaints seem pretty ridiculous. WAH I want a Super Bowl ring. Im sure he is the only one on the team that does. As I recall he complained and moaned until he got a new contract. He got it , and now wants out. The other complaint is we traded Jared Allen. Ill have to admit I was pretty mad when this happened as well, but the fact of the matter is Jared might have raised our poor sack total for the year, and possibly helped us win 1 or 2 more games. But we were deffinately more than 1 player away from making the playoffs. I love Tony he has done so much for our organization, but he needs to quit his *****in. I feel we are on the right track to becoming a playoff team. If Tony keeps complaining I say send him to Detroit, hes not the only 1 wanting a ring all the other players, coaches, and fans do too.