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Actually, I have picked AZ to win thier division and have a super bowl shot four years running. So yes, I have been giving AZ a chance, and it took them four years to realize that dream, all while setting all kinds of records on being the "worst" team to ever make it to the bowl.

As I said, I am a fan, but I am objective. Being a blind supporter with no critiques does not serve your team well.

My purpose was not to hijack this thread, lets not make this about me or you and our differences in opinion on what kind of fans we should be/are.

You are absolutely right, we do have a chance in the next THREE years, but maybe Tony feels like he may not have that long, maybe he does not. As I said, I am saying let him go becuase he wants out, and he has done enough for us to respect his wishes, and move on without him.
If TG leaves now and decides to go to a 'prebuilt' contender, then shame on him. He becomes nothing but another Carlos Beltran. I don't see TG as a so-called rent-a-player. Hell, he could go to Pittsburg or NE and not see a superbowl in the next 3 years. Who knows?
Well, I think Tony knows and he stays right here to get his ring...Pioli and Hunt will make sure of it.