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This is still a business. And what about the 1000s of fans who have supported the Chiefs long before Tony showed up and will continue to do so long after Tony G leaves. Don't they deserve to keep Tony if he makes the Chiefs better? He signed a contract. If he wanted to leave then he should not have taken the money. Fact is, we are closer to a SB with Tony than without.
Mr. Canada...I could not agree more. I see that TG is now back pedalling in order to save some face. His approach on this entire deal was poor to begin with..Almost Brett Favre'ish.

I remember sitting in the stands, in the rain when we played the NE Patriots and Scott Zolak was their QB. On that day, I think there was only about 30 people in that section of Arrowhead.

WE, the fans have been complaining for YEARS about the mis-management and even the unsuccessful coaching because it has yet to net another SB crown.

Sorry...To me it is just like my kids...The patience has been repeatedly tried and tested, so either get on the boat and shut-up or nut-up and get out.