The cry baby did an interview yesterday that lasted 25 minutes.

To sum up the interview.

He loves his teammates and his teammates love him. He liked Herm and Carl Peterson wasn't that bad.

But he wants to be traded or just cut. He said it could easily be done. He does not like Kansas City or the people of KC. I guess he was at an NBA pre-season game in KC and they put him on the jumbo tron and the fans booed him.

UH LJ, you are being booed for poorly performing after getting a fat cotract. Then to top it off, you get in trouble for hitting and throwing drinks on women more than once. Then you act like you are the victim, and it is the city against you.

We love our football, and we tried to love you. If you didn't like beeing booed before, just wait now.

How about you do what you are really asking for and just quit.