Not the best, but your favorite players.

Qb-Steve Deberg- QB when I first started watching the team.

RB1-Christan Okoye
RB2-Priest Holmes
WR1-Andre Rison (Ducks)
WR2-Rob Thomas
TE-Tony G
LT-Willie Roaf
LG-Brian Waters
C-Tim Grundhard
RG-Will Shields
RT-John Tait

LE-Neil Smith
DT-Dan Saleamua
DT-Joe Phillips
RE-Jared Allen
OLB-Derrick Thomas
MLB-Tracy Simen
OLB-Derrick Johnson
CB-James Hasty
CB-Dale Carter
Saftey-William White
Saftey-Ross (forgot his first name)

K-Nick Lowery
P-Brian Barker


Well as you can see, I grew up in the early 90s. Minus a few players my team is KC 1992. Whats your favorite Chief's team look like?