Jul 28, 2007, 1:01:13 PM

HERM EDWARDS: “We got through a practice today with pads on and that’s good. The last time we put pads on we didn’t perform very well (against Indianapolis in the playoffs), so today was interesting to see. When you go into spring ball you practice without pads and a lot of guys make the team on their athletic ability. But at the end of the day you’ve got to evaluate them when they put pads on.
“We’ll be in full gear again this afternoon. I thought it was lively (this morning) and they moved with a little bit of speed and tempo which was very, very good. There are a lot of things we’ve got to clean up obviously in all three phases, but I think the competition is what is interesting to me as the head guy. When you look at some of the youth that’s blended in with the veterans we have great competition at a lot of positions. It makes everyone very energetic and you need that in football practices.”
Q: With what you think the new guys have added defensively how good do you think this defense can be?
EDWARDS: “I think they’re equipped with some speed and we have some athletic defensive linemen. I think with this system that’s what you need. We have three linebackers that we feel are very, very fast. I’ve been kidding them ever since training camp started that they’re the fastest three in captivity. So, we’ll see.
“They’re very athletic and the defensive line is very athletic. We have some big guys inside who can move and run. Our end situation is pretty good. With that being said, we have a chance to be a pretty good defense. Now, it’s just a matter of playing together and learning about each other. Last year we took a step in that direction and we’ve got to continue to take bigger steps.”
Q: When you talk about the defensive line being lively your defensive line coach is especially vocal with them.
EDWARDS: “Tim (Krumrie) is that kind of guy and I think it really rubs off on his players and that’s the type of players we’re trying to develop and draft and, if we go into free agency, those are the type of players we’re trying to bring in – players with that type of attitude, relentless players. That’s how Tim Krumrie played and how he coaches. That’s why players respect him.
Q: Herm, are you 100% sure that Priest Holmes will be here this afternoon?
EDWARDS: “100%? The only thing I’m 100% sure of is what I do. I don’t control what everybody else does and I don’t try to control it. If he shows up that’s great.”
Q: Do you expect him?
EDWARDS: “Yeah, that’s what he said. I’d expect he’d be here.”
Q: Carl Peterson has said letting Donnie Edwards get away was a mistake. Are you confident he’ll be able to provide a lot of leadership?
EDWARDS: “He’s already done that. He established that already in the spring.”
Q: How?
EDWARDS: “First of all, his reputation, what type of player he is and what he’s accomplished so far in the NFL. If you’re a football player you know who Donnie Edwards is. He’s about winning, about doing things right. He understands what it takes to be a pro and he has a lot of wisdom and he’s passing that on to some young guys which is important. I think he has those qualities and that’s what we talked about when we talked about bringing him back.
“Besides being a good player what is he bringing to the table? That’s what we asked. We needed some leadership over there because it’s basically a very young defense when you look at it. He was a veteran guy that we felt that if you’re going to bring a guy in he has that ability.”
Q: How has he looked today compared to the guy you saw five or six years ago?
EDWARDS: “He’s still athletic. He can still move. That’s what he is; he’s that type of linebacker. I think he’s probably more comfortable in this type of defense, a 4-3 rather than a 3-4 where he’s a “Will” linebacker and is covered up and can run from sideline to sideline. He’s very, very good in pass coverage. He has great instincts in pass coverage.
“In this defense the “Will” linebacker is a glorified strong safety. That’s how we play him and in Tampa we did it with Derrick Brooks. When you look at all the “Will” linebackers in this defense, whether they’re with Tony (Dungy) or Lovie (Smith), they’re basically a strong safety. He has to have great range and great cover skills and be a great tackler in the open field. He’s a guy who doesn’t come out of the game on third down.”
Q: He’s got a great history of forcing turnovers. What is it about a player that lends itself to that?
EDWARDS: “He’s that type of guy. You know that. We’ve got a couple of guys like that. They’re always around the ball. Ty Law is another guy who’s got a lot of interceptions, Pat Surtain, too. That’s what you want to create on defense; you want to take the ball away.”
Q: Donnie has kind of chartered a career path similar to the one you took. He’s saying he’d like to work in the front office when his playing career is over. Have you talked to him about that?
EDWARDS: “I haven’t but he would be very good at that. Donnie Edwards is going to be good at whatever he does. He has his priorities in his life correct. He understands what it takes to work at his trade. He’s that kind of guy. So whatever he decides to do after football he’s going to be a successful guy. That’s a lifestyle. He gets it in life and takes advantage of the opportunities that are presented to him.”
Q: Did you think Priest would be here for the morning practice?
EDWARDS: “No, we’ve been in communication with him and he had some family things he had to settle. As far as I know he’s going to be in here this evening.”
Q: What is he going to do this afternoon?
EDWARDS: “Obviously, if he comes in here this evening he’s not going to practice. It’ll probably be Sunday and he’ll do what Jason Dunn and those guys are doing on that side of the field: getting in condition. I don’t know where he’s at at this point. When he gets here he’s not going to be with a helmet on and practicing.”
Q: With Jared only being suspended for two games instead of four do you have to switch up how you use him in training camp?
EDWARDS: “We already anticipated that whatever time he missed we were going to do it a certain way. Whether it was two or four (games) we had that in mind. We’re thankful that the commissioner ruled it would be two (games) and we’re preparing it that way. But we still have to get him reps; he needs the reps. Eventually we’d like to move ‘90’ [Turk McBride] inside because he can rush on the ball. We want to get our best rush guys on the field and he can move in and out. He’ll probably start off the season as our starting end. That’s OK, because the thing we’ve done is upgrade our defensive line.”
Q: Is Tony Gonzalez’s schedule of practice going to be like today?
EDWARDS: “In the afternoon we’ll be in pads and he’ll be in action. That’s kind of what we’ve done in the past five or six years. He’s in his 11th season and why do we need to have him go two-a-days? There will be some more guys like that who will get a morning off. We have it orchestrated how we’re going to do it.”
Q: Can you talk about your Greensburg (KS) hat?
EDWARDS: “Yeah, this organization as well as the National Football League has taken a great step as far as trying to help the devastation in Greensburg. Our organization is wearing the hats today and probably tomorrow and the players are contributing to Greensburg’s athletic fund as is this organization as well as Clark Hunt. They’re part of the heartland, part of the Chiefs. We have fans in Greensburg and whatever we can do to help them we felt obligated to do.”
Q: Derrick Ross has what?
EDWARDS: “A sore back and we kept him out.”
Q: David Hicks?
EDWARDS: “A knee I believe it was.”
Q: Jason Dunn?
EDWARDS: “Still the back.”