So a lot of the big names in FA have either been re-signed or have been franchised. The way I see it, here is what is left by position.

Tyson Clabo, 27 - Falcons (RFA)

Harvey Dahl, 28 - Falcons (RFA)

Jason Brown, 26 - Ravens

Julius Peppers, 29 - Panthers (Franchised) (3-4)
Terrell Suggs, 26 - Ravens (Franchised) (3-4)

Karlos Dansby, 27 - Cardinals (Franchised)
Jonathan Vilma, 27 - Saints
Bart Scott, 29 - Ravens
Channing Crowder, 25 - Dolphins

Chris Canty, 26 - Cowboys (3-4)

So, there doesnt seem to be much left to be picked up without sending off draft picks (which I am against). I dont think Peppers is worth sending draft picks to Carolina, and the same for Suggs.

I think our best bet would be to go after either Scott or Vilma depending if we are going to a 3-4 or 4-3 defense, respectively. We can pick up a good OLB in the first (Curry) or second rounds (Clay Matthews, Connor Barwin, Brian Cushing, Clint Sintim).

I wouldnt mind seeing Chris Canty here too regardless of which system we use. If we stay 4-3 I think he will boost our DL run defense. I have questions about his ability to do a speed rush, but worst case scenario, he can always be subbed out for a speedier DE (Babin or Draft) on obvious passing downs.

On offense I would love to see us grab Jason Brown. He is a great, young center. Draft an OT in either round 1 or 2, and have Niswanger and McIntosh battle over the RG spot.

If we grab Brown, Canty, and a MLB here is what we will probably look like:

Albert - Waters - Brown - Niswanger/McIntosh - Draft

Canty - Dorsey - Tank - Hali or

Canty - Tank? - Dorsey/Mcbride

DJ - Vilma/Scott - Draft or
DJ - Vilma/Scott - Draft (Curry) - Draft (Sintim, Barwin, Cushing, etc)

Unfortunately I think if we go to 3-4 full time, we will still have a few holes on D. But 4-3 doesnt look bad.

It would be nice to go into the draft with the only big needs being an OLB, OT and speed DE to develop. We could use a 3rd or 4th for a G to develop to replace Waters in a couple years.

If anyone knows of any other top free agents we should look at, Im all ears.