I watched probably too much combine coverage this weekend and I think this draft could be setting up to be a good one for the Chiefs. There's a few standouts but lots of hard to separate talent at several positions, which I think could bode well for our top pick at #3 and for the Chiefs to find contributors in the middle rounds.

A few takeaways that stood out in my mind.

-the QBs threw and they all looked about the same
-the RBs...there were only a few breakout speed demons the Boise State guy surprised and maybe one other guy. the rest seemed all the same.
-WRs - there were some fast guys but nobody I saw had the killer hands and speed that Eddie Royal had last year. the most solid guy I saw was Robiskie from OSU. some of these TEs could become WRs actually.

What this could mean...

There could be a lot of parity in this draft, ie it will be a deep draft with plenty of potential playmakers in rounds 3 through 5. I think this could be really good for us. We could get a stud at #3. We really need to get a freak of nature player if we're picking at #3. I think it could be Eugene Monroe or that superfreakish Raji from BC. These two guys would be can't miss IMO. THEN, we could get all sorts of guys RB, LB, TE in rnds 2-6.

At pick #3...
OL - I think u can't go wrong choosing here. I'm biased bc I saw how good we were on offense when we had Roaf/Shields/etc. we marched down the field and scored at will. it was ridiculous.

DT- Raji looked like Reggie White - made everybody look like they were in HS at Sr Bowl. Raji and Dorsey could be lethal 3-4 DEs w/ any old 350 lb Jabba the Hutt in the middle and our LBs (and CBs too) would have much easier jobs.

QB - how can u tell if someone is going to be good...it seems there's NO WAY... even if Belich-ioli just got lucky w/ Tom Brady, at least they got him in the 11th round and didn't waste a high pick on some 50% chance guy. I will be very surprised and disappointed if KC goes QB in pick 1-4.

Rounds 2 and on....
QB - like I sd, u just can't tell from the combine. heck, the guy from Alabama that broke all of Croyle's records looked like a potential 3rd or 4th round pickup. Sanchez from USC reminds me of Brady Quinn - on a decent team with a lot of media coverage but didn't necessarily stand out as a put-team-on-shoulders winner. Sanchez and Quinn just seem like pretty boys to me. I want to see fiery competitors out there - think Kurt Warner, Rich Gannon, and Phil Simms.

TE - lot of studs..most of these guys were like oversized WRs...but we could get like a Travis Beckum who didn't even work out in rnd 4 maybe...great hands, sort of like Fitzgerald when it comes to going up for the ball in traffic.

RB- there were a whole bunch of guys that ran 4.5-4.6 that looked ok. it seems there should be some quick not necessarily 40YD-killer 200lb guy available to us in rnd 4 or 5.

just my 2c but getting stoked for 2009!