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Thread: Jason takes on Priest

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    Smile Jason takes on Priest

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    Whitlock view on Priest's decision to donn the pads once more, gives us a very intelligent insight into the man Priest Holmes. First off, Priest quit after a very routine tackle, putting him in a very bad light, espeacially when he returns to the Chief's locker room. Secondly he bilked Carl out of a 1.5 million dollars to baby sit his kids. Imagine anyone getting the best of Carl. Thirdly he is in it for the money, Duh, news flash, Jason, 99.9 percent are in it for the money, it quit being in it for the sport and enjoyment of playing football the minute the agent stuck his head in the door. Lastly, he is throwing punches(verbal) at LJ, and volunteering his services as possible team leader.
    I have an idea, it goes something like this:
    "In this corner, weighing 450 pounds, JASON WHITLOCK!!"
    "And in this corner weighing considerably less, PRIEST HOLMES!!"
    "May the best verbal puncher win!!"

    Just kidding fellows, and gals, I just got a kick out of Whitlock's article. (grin)

    "Me Jason!!"
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    Go Chiefs Eleven, win
    in 2007!!:fighting0068:


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