I'm a hard core Patriots Fan, since way before the bandwagon started rolling in 2001, and with many cold, losing Sunday afternoons in the old Foxboro Stadium to prove it! I also consider myself a fan of the NFL and am pretty knowledgeable about its history. As a result, I have long held the Hunt family and the Texans/Chiefs franchise in high regard for the role they have played in the evolution of the modern NFL.

Like every Pats fan, I was realistic but sad when "Piolichick" was busted up and Scott made his way to Kansas City. But the more I thought about it, there are few places I would rather have seen him go than to the Chiefs. You have a guy at the helm who knows how to build champions; Todd Haley seems to be a perfect complement to him, reminiscent of Pioli's relationship with Coach Belichick.

Now, you have Vrabes and Matt. I think you guys got the better part of the deal but I also think it was a lot more "fair" than some of the mediots are suggesting.

Bottom Line: I now have another team to pull for, except of course, when you're playing the Pats or competing with them for a Playoff spot. Otherwise, I hope you raise Holy Heck in the AFC West and kick some Bronco and Charger butt!