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Thread: QB Competition in KC - just ask Haley

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    Default QB Competition in KC - just ask Haley

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    it could be BS but at least Haley saying reasonable I sd before, Haley seems like an assassin. just wants to win. if Thigpen looks better in camp and everybody knows it, I gotta believe he'll get a shot. Not like when we shipped off Gannon because Grbac was Peterson's guy.


    I dont know that you can say the quarterback position is secure, Haley said Monday in his first public statement since the trade was made. I think weve got another guy to come in and compete for the starting quarterback position.

    I just got off the phone with Tyler. I told him Im a very selfish coach. I think thats evident by Arizona and what we did there. Were going to play the guys that give us the best chance to win.

    -KC Star

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach View Post
    I second that. I really don't want a QB controversy.
    I really don't think there is one....

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    I've been watching a few Patriots games from last year, to see our new QB at work. (NE vs Buffalo, NE vs Seattle)

    I have to say so far.. I feel good about this aquisition!
    He has a good arm, probably better than Thigpen. He is pretty accurate, also when throwing deep balls. He also runs well, and most importantly, he doesn't run because of panic. But because it's his best option.

    What impressed me the most though, is his vision and willingness to take a big hit if it means he can get the ball to his receiver. Considering our O-line, I like the fact that he can run. But it is good to see that he doesn't scramble everytime the preassure gets to him.

    Assuming we will be running a similar system as the one they ran in NE, we really need a warrior of a slot receiver. I personally think Wes Welker means atleast as much to NE's success as Randy Moss.. That man is catchin machine! Maybe TG can fill this role somewhat, if we split him out as a slot receiver.
    Another thing I noticed is that the RB's are very important in the passing game aswell, not only as receivers but very much as blockers too. LJ doesn't fit with that role at all..

    These observations are mainly based on those two games, so I would love to hear anyone else's comments on other games.
    Bottom line is - I think Cassel is an upgrade to Thigpen. However I would have preferred Thigpen to any of the QB's in this years draft..

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