Personally I love the idea of running the 3-4 defense. I was really glad when we got Demorrio Williams and I think in a 3-4 he will be very dominate. Glen dorsey would make a good de in a 3-4 and I think Tank could be a beast nose tackle because the guy is strong as an ox. of course alot of this determines on if we can get curry or not. If Curry goes first like some Mocks are suggesting I see us taking Raji or Orapko either one or beast to me and I just finished watching some video of Raji and that guy is a monster ! Im going to watch Orapko right now but I am just curious on IF we did have to draft Raji could tank make a good 3-4 DE kinda like olshanksy for the Chargers ? Not fast but strong as hell and frees paths for linebackers. We may draft Orapko but I am hoping Curry is there and we welcome a beast to the Chiefs. I think we got to go Defense in this draft and maybe just maybe Andre Smith will fall to us in the 3rd round since he is a dumbass but he can play. Sorry got a little off track here lol