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I think this guy is giving Pioli a little too much praise. The guy has just started his first gig as GM. To automatically think that he is guaranteed to be an instant success is unfair. I hope Pioli can eventually bring the Chiefs to the promised land. But in one season?

I don't think the Chiefs were as dysfunctional as what the author claims on offense. After Gailey fit the offense to Thigpen the Chiefs were pretty much in every game except the Buffalo game. The front seven of the defense are what cost the Chiefs most of those games. The only reason the opposing QB needed to wear a helmet was so he could get the plays from his OC.

A huge part of the Chiefs lack of success was injuries as well as the large amount of first year players. Maybe Herm was a terrible coach too, who knows. But I think most teams would have struggled using as many rookies and having to start as many second and third string players as the Chiefs had to last season.

True but people aren't putting us there they are saying that it is a possibility I mean you think of all the close games we lost last year we would of been 9-7 which means we would of won our division. I personally liked Herm but he is a players coach we need someone in KC that MAKES the players do what they are supossed to not sya good try but you messed up just try harder. NO you sit them on the bench and put someone who wants to no matter how much they cry. Hail Piloli ! and I will say that unless he makes us worse and in my opinion thats just about impossible.