Actions louder than words
Chiefs coach Todd Haley appears more interested in what Larry Johnson does than what he says.
He heard Johnsonís oft-repeated request to be traded or released. He also heard through running backs coach Maurice Carthon, who has spoken with Johnson, that the enigmatic running back is softening his hard-line stance.
Haley said heíll be more impressed by Johnsonís attitude if he appears for the start of the offseason conditioning program on Monday.
ďIíll go by what I see,Ē Haley said. ďWeíll know pretty quick here. Part of my evaluation process is trying to find guys that want to be Kansas City Chiefs. Not talk about it but want to be (Chiefs) and want to be part of something special, eventually.
ďIím excited about working with all of these guys. This is an exciting time. We donít know what we have right now. You can look at some of the things they did last year, but until we get the guys on campus and see them running around working, we donít know. Iím excited about everybody. Everybody is an opportunity to me.
ďThat guy, what Iíve seen from him as a runner, he gets 5 yards every time he carries the ball. I know his average wasnít 5 yards, but from what Iíve seen, the ability is there. What Iím looking for, and what our staff is looking for, is whoís all in.Ē
Asked whether Johnson would participate beginning Monday, Haley said, ďI honestly donít know. This is a voluntary thing. (But) Iíve made it pretty clear that itís a pretty important part of our development as a team.Ē

Wow, I'm really startin to like this guy alot, A no BS kinda guy, play or get out, thats what we need in our head coach and I'm Lovin it