MAR 27, 2009, 3:50:08 PM

Recently, the Kansas City Chiefs continued their partnership with Central High School. At an assembly to recognize some of the school’s top academic performers, RB Kolby Smith spoke to the students. During that visit, Smith imparted the wisdom he learned that carried him from Louisville to the Chiefs as a fifth-round selection in the 2007 NFL Draft.
“What you’re all doing here is a foundation,” Smith pointed out. “When I was your age, I knew I needed to get a college education. That was only going to happen two ways. Either I would get an athletic scholarship or an academic scholarship. Even though I’m in the NFL now, I wasn’t about to just sit there and bank on an athletic scholarship. So in addition to trying my best on the field of competition, I applied myself in the classroom also. The odds are against any of you becoming a professional athlete. That doesn’t mean you should give up on your goals but it also means that you should apply yourself in school as well.”
After delivering his message with the same passion that he utilizes on game days, Smith stayed and helped hand out certificates to the students. Those honors recognized the students for their outstanding academic achievement at Central High School. Later, Kolby posed for photos and signed autographs.