So i'm watching NFL Total Access and they are talking about the bronco's needing a QB now. All the guys on NFL Network all agree the only QB in the draft that they think would fit into the Bronco's scheme is Mark Sanchez.
Well the Bronco's have the 12th and 18th picks. I don't see Sanchez making it past the niners at 10.
So IF the bronco's do want sanchez they are going to have to most likely move up into the top three. especially if detroit takes stafford. Since some mocks have seattle looking at the future at QB.

So who thinks it's possible old scott pioli makes a call to his old OC McDaniels and offers up a deal saying you can have our #3 for your #12 and #18? Or possible Denver's #12 and second rd.
I for one want to keep the #3 and get curry or orakpo. Although pioli has made it known that he is open to dealing the #3.