Are we going to have any fantasy football leagues here with chiefscrowd ?

Here is how I would like my 2009- 10 season fantasy team to look like

Qb - Tom Brady - Simple because he is coming off the injury and wants to show that he is still the man. Moss is getting older and wants a supwer bowl and I think Brady tries and help him as much as possible

Other - Cassell, Cutler, Manning

Sleeper QB - Shaub

RB - Steven Jackson - The rams coach has said he wants to buidl the team FOR Jackson so I think he will b getting alot of carries next year and plus who do they have as a WR anymore ?

other - Slaton, Williams, Forte

Sleeper - LJ if he stays witht he Chiefs

Wr #1 Larry Fitzgerald - Do I really have to explain this one lol

Other - D.Bowe, Andre Johnson, Randy Moss

Wr # 2 TO - TO is going to have a big year next year because he has something to prove. I think Lee evans compliments TO and To will have alot of Tds next year

Other - Roy Williams, Chad Johnson, Calvin Johnson

Sleepr - Devin Hester - Interesting to see how he can use his speed against defenders now that cutlers rocket arm will eb throwing to him

TE Tony G - Not simply because he is a chief but because he is the best TE EVER ! Sorry Shannon get over your horse looking self.

Other- A Gates, Winslow, Owen Daniels

Sleeper - Greg Olsen- Simply because the guy is good and now has someone who likes to use the TE look at sheffler and cutler

DEF New York Giants - The Giants made some key pick ups that wil come off the ebnch and be better than alot of teams starters

Other, NE, BAL, PIT

Sleeper - Chiefs - Look I know what your saying We had a horrible D last year but this year I think with a mixture of 3-4 and the 4-3 it will compliment our young and talented defense. I know the numbers didnt show it last year but I really think this next year the chiefs will step it up.

I was bored anyone else please add your fantasy fantasy team lol