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Thread: !!!FAQ - Read before Posting!!!

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    This forum is dedicated to letting you buy and sell your tickets. It is NOT for ticket brokers.

    Any posts by ticket brokers will be deleted immediately. If you are a ticket broker and would like to offer your services, please use the 'Contact Us' link located on the home page to receive advertising rates.

    By virtue of you posting in this forum, we know you are buying or selling tickets. So please don't make the subject of your thread "Chiefs Tickets". Instead for the subject should be in this format:
    Buying or Selling, # of tickets, Game(Teams involved), Price per ticket.

    eg. Selling 4 tickets to Chiefs vs. Ravens, $50 per seat.
    eg. Buying 1-4 tickets to Chiefs vs. Donkeys, up to $100 per per seat.

    All ticket postings are at the dicretion of the moderators of these forums. If you are trying to unload some extra tickets that is fine. If you scalping tickets every week, that will not fly.

    Thank you,
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