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It is unreal how this places opinion's change.

Most everyone was all aboard the Croyle express two years ago.

And I said "get him some blockers first, so we don't ruin his career."

The mobs said "Throw him in! We have to see what we've got!"

I said "You won't get to see anything, if you throw him out there against NFL teams, without an NFL O-line."

So they throw him out there without blockers, and he gets destroyed.

And now, without ever having seen him play on an NFL offense, the Crowd has stamped him as a flop and worthless.

I have been waiting for three years to see the man get a chance, and the masses, who were so excited about him, are done with him, before ever getting a peak.



The entire crowd? Excuse me. Did I not get the survey. Stop lumping all into your opinion.

Croyle did have a NFL O-Line, sure it was not as good as we would like, but he had a line. This is the NFL, you have to be able to play, take a hit, some people can and do not get injured. Croyle has not yet.