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Look at how David Carr performed. It took him several years to get his act together. Then look at Phillip Rivers.

Alot of guys get the feeling that they can't do it, if they play poorly, when the start for the first time.

As far as what kind of confidence we are giving...

It's not that we don't trust him to start, but that Huard has earned it. Or, at least, that's what we let him believe. We owe it to Damon to afford him that opportunity. That and we want him to be "seasoned". Those goofy words tend to work, when the coach uses them to the young players.
If Trent Green hadn't of gotten injured, we wouldn't have been forced to give Huard a chance. Everyone was scared to death when we had to. Maybe we should let them compete for it, and just see how it turns out.

No matter who gets it, I think it's a bad idea to voluntarily switch QB's mid-season, especially with so many younger players. Whoever we start, I vote to stick with them.