I wrote this on one of my other social networking sites and they all had a blast with it, so I wondered what some of your guys top 5 would be. My top 5 reasons i miss being a kid are:

5. Now when I run up to someone and smack them on the back and say "Tag your it", I get a very weird look if not smacked back, much harder.

4. I wish we still had recess, because my manager tends to get mad at me when I leave 3 times a day to go outside and play.

3. If I go trick or treating without my son, I get looked at very weird and sometimes get told where to go.

2. It is no longer socially acceptable to walk down the street with a toy gun shooting at imaginary things…especially if the gun is black.

1. I can no longer get away with wearing my Ghostbusters Outfit while jamming to Bon Jovi on my walkman.