I was just reading this article at espn.com.afcwest blog and found it interesting, and unnerving.

Veterans staying away from Kansas City camp
April 18, 2009 2:38 PM
Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson
Two of Kansas City's three disgruntled (or formally disgruntled) players are not practicing with the team Saturday at its voluntary minicamp Saturday.
Guard Brian Waters and tight end Tony Gonzalez _-- the Chiefs' two Pro Bowl players from 2008 __ are not practicing the Kansas City Star reports. Running back Larry Johnson is with the team. His agent said Thursday he would practice and that Johnson is excited about being in Kansas City.
With Waters and Gonzalez sitting out Saturday's practice, does that mean neither of them are excited about being in Kansas City? Quite possibly, yes.
I think the fact that Waters is missing is more interesting than the fact that Gonzalez is missing. The Kansas City Star reports notes that Gonzalez has missed voluntary camps in the past.
But, you would think Gonzalez would want to get a jump on the new era in Kansas City. So, maybe this is a subtle message to the Chiefs to try to trade him before or during next weekend's draft. It has been previously reported that Atlanta has been trying to acquire Gonzalez.
His absence will be duly noted by new Kansas City general manager Scott Pioli and new coach Todd Haley. Still, I believe, if Gonzalez is not traded next week, he will show up to the mandatory minicamp in June. Gonzalez is not one to make waves and he has too much respect for his time in Kansas City to cause a major disruption.
In Waters' case, though, I believe the fact that he is not practicing is a strong message. The Kansas City Star reported earlier this offseason that Waters wants to be traded because he got off on the wrong foot with Haley. His absence may be a sign of him trying to force the issue.
I could see a scenario where the Chiefs try to trade Waters - Buffalo could be interested - for a mid-round draft choice. Whatever happens, Saturday's development shows not all is right in Kansas City.

If this is the case, that's not too good of a sign for KC. I think it definitely shows their lack of interest in the team, heck even LJ is there and supportive. Maybe Tony is playing some basketball in SOCAL, but whats the deal with Waters?