Ok, so TG is gone. I'm not happy about it. Don't suspect many are. But there it is.

So how does this affect the LJ situation?

I mean, he's an f***ing ego freak and he's the last of the "stars" from a few years ago. We busted his contract. How's he going to react to this trade?

Is he ready to step up and try to carry the team the way TG was always willing to?

Or is he a drunken, woman beating, drug using piece of garbage?

And are we going to keep him, or is Pioli working a deal for him even as I type?

Trading TG is a BIG sign that things are changing and in a HUGE way.

Yeah, we started talking "rebuilding" last year, but trading TG says to me "rebuilding with a capitol R"

What do you all think?

Tell you what, I really wish I could do a "vulcan mind meld" with Pioli right about now.