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You actually feel good about saying I told you so? Dude, as cold as I can be, I don't think I would even do that. You can have my a$ belt you deserve it for that one LOL. We all knew it was comin we all just hoped it wouldn't happen. It did, Aussie, your still yound and you will find a new hero on the Chiefs, maybe good old number 7 will come through for us and bring the Chiefs a CHampionship. I am hoping anyway as I need a new Chief hero mine is Len Dawson. I am 40 yrs outta date so, it's past due but I won't change until we get a World Championship. It's comin, it has to be .

Point is "Be realistic" This is football, people get traded every year, I for one am happy for TG, he has a real shot @ a Championship, This is what he wanted. Nothing suprise's me in football, I've been around too long and seen it all and I can't wait to see what Pioli does this weekend. He could use that 2010 2nd round pick for someone this year. I also feel we could have gotten a better deal but again, that's football.