I got this off of kcchiefs.com if anyone hasn't read it yet.

RIVER FALLS, WI Ė Cold and wet field conditions put a damper on the sequel of the Chiefs-Vikings Saturday evening at Ramer Field.
The Vikings didnít help matters when they showed up just a little bit ornery after getting their butt kicked the night before. Matters got chippy from the start, and there were numerous shoving matches between the Chiefs offensive line and the Vikings defensive line. In a session where the quarterback is supposed to be untouchable, all three Chiefs passers were hit by Minnesota and Brodie Croyle was knocked to the ground.
Herm Edwards eventually called the practice about 15 minutes short of its scheduled end after the pushing and shoving escalated on consecutive plays. Edwards says that despite the poor weather conditions and the extra-curricular stuff, the Chiefs got something out of the evening. A lot of young players got plenty of snaps and that will give the coaches and personnel people more tape to evaluate.
Saturday night, I watched the Chiefs offense. Hereís what I saw.
In the 9-on-7 drill designed for the running game on both offense and defense, the Chiefs starting group was very unimpressive and didnít get much push off the line of scrimmage. It was the same for the second and third offensive lines, although both groups were able to create one play that gained good yardage. The second offensive line from left to right: Will Svitek, Tre Stallings, Rudy Niswanger, Kevin Sampson and Kyle Turley. The No. 3 group was Herb Taylor, George Batiste, Rob Hunt, James Newby and Svitek.
When the Chiefs offense went to the team-passing segment, Damon Huard went with the first team and things didnít start so well. Huard hit three-of-three passes, but all of them were short. The Vikings also picked up a coverage sack.
It wasnít much better when Croyle went in with the second offensive line. On the first play Croyle hit the ground after one of his own linemen stepped on his foot. Two plays later it wasnít an accident, as he was knocked down by the Vikings pass rush. When he went in for two plays with the third offensive line, Casey Printers was sacked.
Because of the wet field, the head coaches decided not to do any one-on-one drills, so their was no pass rush-pass protection battles between the O-Line and D-Line and there were no one-on-one coverage plays between the wide receivers and defensive backs.
When the team offense portion of practice got under way, Huard looked good. On four plays he found Kris Wilson for a nice gain, Michael Bennett had a nice run over right guard and then Huard and Tony Gonzalez connected for a 30-yard touchdown play. It was at the end of that action when the first pushing match broke out. Kolby Smith dropped Huardís last pass in that sequence.
When Croyle came in for four plays he was one of three with an interception that was dropped by a Minnesota linebacker. Printers was one of two with a nice completion to Titus Ryan for 20-plus yards. Croyle later did throw an interception and before long, Svitek and Turley got involved in shoving matches and before long the affair was over.
Whether the Chiefs gave anything back after their good performance on Friday will come out with the wash and the tape evaluation. Croyle was certainly not as sharp Saturday as he was Friday, while Huard was better the second night. All three offensive lines had problems in pass protection.
Among the skill position players, the only one who may have stood out was first-year wide receiver Brent Little out of Southern Illinois. He made a pair of nice catches and then held on to the ball both times after taking a couple of pretty good hits.
And, kicker Justin Medlock hit all four of his field goal attempts.