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Thread: Tyson Jackson

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    Question Tyson Jackson

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    I was just looking at all the mock drafts today, and nearly everyone has the LSU DE Tyson Jackson being the Chiefs pick.

    My question is, how the heck did this guy rise so fast, and where did everyone get this information that the Chiefs are probably going to pick him? Its just strange, because 2 days ago nearly everyone had Curry on the board for the Chiefs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmlamerson View Post
    The problem with just swapping picks is that we would never be taken seriously in trade negotiations again. No one would ever give us additional picks to trade down.

    I admire your ingenuity in trying to find a way out of the situation we were in, but face it - we were stuck at #3. And given that fact, we did everything we could.
    Good point. The main reason is: Why would the Jets want to move up to 3 and spend an extra 20 mil when they didn't have to.

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