I shouldnít do this because all it does is bring more attention to idiocy. But I canít help myself.
Kansas Cityís biggest sports columnist came out of the second-day of the NFL Draft with a piece that rips Herm Edwards for being Herm Edwards.
Jason Whitlockís Monday column eviscerating Edwardsí performance in ESPNís draft coverage falls into an already bulging file I would call literary larceny, i.e. the Kansas City Star should file a police report saying somebody took their money under the false pretense of actually doing work and writing a column on a timely topic.
So much to write about over the weekend, just with the Chiefs alone, and this guy smashes the former coach who is no longer part of the equation. Understand that heís still trying to curry favor with the new regime so there was no critique of the first Pioli/Haley draft. He had to bash somebody because thatís what big, bad columnist do, so he picked a talking head on TV.
Listen, I watched and heard Herm over the weekend. I was a bit busy with the site and stuff, so I didnít sit down and sternly evaluate his performance. But what I saw is what I expected: it was Herm being Herm. He took issues and questions and tried to explain them in his own way. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. Anybody that expected him to rip apart a draft pick, a team or a player doesnít know Herm. Thatís why they had Mel Kiper on the broadcast. Actually, I enjoyed most of what I saw from the former coach. Considering heís never been in that forum before, he actually seemed quite comfortable during the Sunday broadcast.
Hereís the problem that Whitlock and his ilk have right now: they have no villain in the Chiefs story. For years Carl Peterson was the bad guy they got all the written darts and verbal bombs. Heís not there anymore. In the last three years, they enjoyed throwing heat at Edwards, but now heís no longer part of the Chiefs equation. Larry Johnson is keeping his mouth shut and showing up for workouts, so itís hard to fire one across his bow.
They just canít let Peterson and Edwards go, so Whitlock steals another dayís pay at his inflated rate while dozens of his former Star co-workers continue trying to survive on unemployment. Thatís a greater crime against journalism than anything Herm Edwards did on TV over the weekend.