all the time on espn i post about how good i think kc will be and etc...most of the time i dont' start trouble but some stupid faider fans says something really stupid so i start in with my comments back...alot of them brag because they finally after 7 years of trying had a better record then us and now all of a sudeen they are winning the afc west while kc will stink again..i go on to tell them the old regime is gone and to stop referring to last season as any possible clue of how the chiefs will be but they continue to gloat about there 5 win seasons...i dunno i think it' s funny..anyone else have issues with faider fans?? for some reason i have never got along with faider fans...i get along with donkie and dolt fans more then i do faider fans..they are just very unintelligent if you ask me...well not all faidre fans but a majority of them