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Thread: Wind rips off Dallas Cowboys "Training Facility" roof!

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    Default Wind rips off Dallas Cowboys "Training Facility" roof!

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    first when I heard about it I thought it happened to the Actual home ground of the Cowboys, I later found out it was the roof of one of their training facility's that come crashing down. Take a look at the video; It shows a cameraman running for cover while he was filming a rookie Cowboys team workout and practice plays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chief31 View Post
    Well, that whole situation with merging the WWE and WCW sucked.

    Not that I disliked the base of the storyline. But that McMahon really turned all of the WCW guys into pansies, by having their characters written as such.

    Also, there is nothing unusual about a conversation twisting to other topics.
    I liked it better when it was the WWF.

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