I just thought we should have a new thread for Windows 7, seeing as it has nothing to do with Linux.
If you guys need any tips feel free to ask, I have been using Windows 7 since January, and have grown very accustom to it. Some helpful tips/hints to get you started:

#1...STOP USING DESKTOP... It is no longer needed with Windows 7, you can simply pin your most used/favorite programs to the taskbar at the bottom now. That means you dont have to close windows or press the start button to get to the program you want.

#2....When your looking to do ANYTHING at all on your computer, the easiest way minus the taskbar is to press the windows button, and simply type any thing your looking to do in the search box at the bottom. this is the best feature in my opinion. For example if you want to burn a dvd but dont want to go through all the hassle all you have to do is simply>press windows button>type dvd, and its the first thing that comes up.

#3.....Virtual Sticky Notes on your desktop rules, and Gadgets can go anywhere now, not just on a stupid sidebar.