News around Arrowhead seems to be a bit dry as of late with the draft now behind us and UDFAs slowing down to a trickle (Chase Patton got a workout with the Chiefs FYI). Now with rookie training camps in session and mandatorys/OTAs approaching things will start to shape up slowly but surely.

That being said, I'd like to see what and where everyone's opinions stand in regards to whom will be show the most improvement or be the most impressive Chief coming into the 2009 season.

In all seriousness my prediction for the 2009 season's most improved player will be Derrick Johnson.

After 4-years playing around the range of 'mediocre to better then good' range the new stable of veteran LB leadership, defensive leadership in general, a new scheme, and the makings of a defensive line for the first time in his career will free up Derrick to play within his game and really come into his own and live up to his potentail this season.


Try to leave 09 rookies out of the discussion.