Hali hoping for a fresh start - Kansas City Star

I like the things he says, about dropping to 250 lbs to increase his speed. And that the only reason he was at 275 was because Gunther wanted him at that weight. He says he's more comfortable at 250. I thought he looked a step slow last season.

Honestly, my personal opinion is that Hali does have a place in this offense, and that it's at starting OLB opposite Vrabel, with DJ playing inside. We have to have a skilled pass rusher. DJ is unproven in that area (and undersized as a 3-4 OLB), and Vrabel struggled last season getting to the QB.

Pencil him at starter for now.

OLB - Tamba Hali
ILB - Derrick Johnson
ILB - Zach Thomas
OLB - Mike Vrabel