Just got done watching Kansas City Chiefs Matt Cassell on NFL replay as he played the Colts.

In this game Ive seen:

1). Matt has a good ability to scramble when all else fails, but he needs to learn to go knees first or hes going to get hurt.

2). He will look off Safeties to get a wide out more open.

3). A lot of his yards come from throwing to a reciever and letting him do the work ( at least in this game ). But with a Wes Welker, thats a no-brainer.

4). I love his pocket presence. He is aware of his drops and even in shotgun goes back into the pocket. Although at times he seems too anxious or figety, you can tell hes been sacked a lot.

5). He will rely on his recievers and throw the ball up there and let the recievers and DBs play keepaway. Most of the times in this game for not. Which is why is really sucks that we dont have TG.

6). Not impressed by his "comeback at the end of the game" ability (at least not in this game). A lot of it to do with #5.

This is just base on this game. And he held his own against a former championship team with a lot of talent losing 18-15.

If you missed it they will re-air it again at 10:00 tonight (Sunday) and tommorow at noon (Central time). NFL network.

What do you think?