I'm getting excited about this season. Not only about the Chiefs (some will debate there is not too much to get excited about ) but about the NFL season in general. I think this season is going to be just as exciting as they always prove to be.

By the playoffs I will be frothing at the mouth to see top D's take on top O's and big players making big plays. Football is the greatest game ever invented in my opinion.

As much as I love the game, I never really get too much into the preseason and I haven't tried my hand in a fantasy league till this year. Though, I have thought about it for a few seasons. Unfortunately, most of my friends aren't into football nearly as much as I am. In fact, my dad and my bro really are the only people who I could say that exhult in the Chief's successes and mourn their losses close to the degree that I do.

Until now. After last season's playoff loss, all I got from my friends was the usual shoulder-shrug- "I told you this would happen-" attitude they usually reflect toward something they generally don't give a ship about.

I had to vent. I had to get some stuff off of my chest about that game... About that season. My dad and brother were equally elated watching the final week of the season and equally disappointed with the playoff performance. I needed to know what more people thought. What people who have watched the Chiefs for years and felt those same feelings, knew.

I found chiefscrowd and love it. You guys all are very respectful of each other and put forth concise, valid, and intelligent viewpoints. Some of you are just as rabid Chief's fans as me. Some a little more toned down but that's ok. We need the sane ones around to keep us in check sometimes.

Which brings me to my point (been a while getting here, i know). I haven't had an interest in playing fantasy football because I literally had no one to play with. :confused:

Now we got the chiefscrowd fantasy football challenge rolling and I can't wait for the draft! I'm scouting guys in preseason games and video. It's like another element of the game. I've played the crap out of madden, it's ok. I really want to check out All-Pro this year (I loved 2k5). However, it's just going to be so much fun to read all the smack-talk going around when the Longnecks are destroying your puny fantasy teams this season.

Little scouting info: I do genetic altering of my team's dna and this is what they look like afterward ->