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Thread: Possible trade?

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    Default Possible trade?

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    Does anyone else think we should give up a couple 1st round picks or maybe 3 for a pass rusher? Like Jason Taylor, Shawn Merriman, or Brian Urlacher. Just think, all three of those first round picks could be busts but we know that these guys are good.

    I don't understand why we don't do this!!! Any of those three players could probably play offense too! Like tight end and fullback! Just think of the possibilities!

    We really need someone like Rex Grossman to come in cause he will complete right off the bat. Sure he had an off year in chicago, but he never really had a shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh1971 View Post
    I think we should trade all of our 1sts and 2nds for the next 40 years to get that Terry Bradshaw fella. He's pretty good.

    Quote Originally Posted by KansasCityChris View Post
    That kinda thinking got Herm Edwards and Carl Peterson put out on the unemployment line. LMAO!!!!!!
    I think you build a championship team through both the draft and free agency.

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