I think this qualifies for hardcore.

Found this DVD on shelves today at my local Blockbuster for only $20.

It began with one man and a dream. It continued with Len Dawson, Willie Lanier, Hank Stram, and an upset in Super Bowl IV. Today, the history of the Kansas City Chiefs lives on in the finest stadium in the land with over 79,000 fans in a vibrant sea of red creating one of the NFL's greatest home field advantages. Now, for the first time, the Chiefs' story is available in this thrilling two-DVD set - The Complete History of the Kansas City Chiefs. From Lamar Hunt's quest to build a second professional football league, to Larry Johnson, Herman Edwards and the Chiefs of today, The Complete History of the Kansas City Chiefs takes you inside one of the NFL's finest franchises. Join NFL Films as they re-capture the team's greatest moments and profile the legendary names that circle the field at Arrowhead. Re-live the thrilling playoff victories, the heart-breaking defeats - all amidst the renown class and style that define the Kansas City Chiefs. The Complete History of the Kansas City Chiefs is a must for any Chiefs fan - buy yours today!

Over 345 minutes of stuff.