As I heard that Trent retired today, a bit of sadness overcame me. For just a few short few moments, I felt like he had un-finished business to do..... as a Chief! I was pissed and sad and mad and pissed and sad and mad all over again. Not so much that you would have known if you were around me, but more of an uncomfortable inside feeling. I obviously know that he is old now and that he is injury prone and just a resemblance of what he once was. But, for just a few seconds I wanted Trent back. He was just sooo good. Such a leader, such a player, such a stand up human. You will hear broacasters and radio personalities say that we haven't had a Great QB since Lenny or even Joe. But we have! His name was Trent Green and he threw for 4,000 yards 3 seasons in a row! That was while we were also running the ball like crazy! Remember the 3rd down throws with rushers breathing down his neck that he would complete time after time after time after time after time? Rememeber the throw to Eddie in OT against the Packers? Remember the perfectly threaded pass to Dante on Monday Night Football against the Bills, that went for six? If you do like I do, then you have to feel the way I do. I wish that Johnny Morton wouldn't have dropped that third down pass against the Colts or that our defense could have made just ONE stop that game! I wish that CP would have gave him a defense. I wish that he would have returned from his injury a few years back in his old form and led us to victory against the Colts in Herms first year. I wish, I wish, I wish. That Super Bowl ring that Kurt Warner wears, should be Trents. He played like a champion and for 4 or 5 years none of you had any worries about our offense because of this man. I hope the legend of Trent Green lives forever. God bless. He was great!