I found a site I wanted to share with the Crowd.

KC Chiefs Games

You can watch complete Chiefs games here. Various ones are included from their championship in 1962 as the Texans to the present time. I'm watching the 1978 regular season game at Pittsburgh now. The Chiefs were 4-12 and the Steelers were 14-2 and won the Super Bowl that year. But the Chiefs only lost 27-24 in Pittsburgh. Not bad.

I look forward to watching our 56-10 rout of Atlanta in 2004 followed by our 45-35 win against the Colts the next week (over 1000 total yards between the 2 teams!)

Some other good classics there like various Joe Montana games, the 1975 MNF win at Dallas, and the 54-34 rout of the Rams in 2000 (the Rams were 6-0 at the time, ha!).