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Wow Aussie, you know your U.S geography very well. Just curious, where did you learn it from?

You are absolutely right, we are smack dab in the middle of the country and basically the continent so the last place the water will be is here. But.....Floods could potentially take out all of the country if we see a major climate change.
Well, I've been a chiefs fan for 2 years now, so that's influenced A LOT on how well I know US geography. Also there was the election that you guys had. Also I goto ESPN sometimes to vote in a yes or no poll about NFL things like "Should Chad Ochocinco tweet during games?". After you vote there is a button that says 'View Map'. If you click on it, it takes you to a map of the USA, with each state a different colour depending on if the mojority of that country said yes or no. In the corner of the map it also has a little picture of the world. I'm guessing you know what it's for. (for showing what the mojority of the REST of the world says.)

Actually, ask me where a state/city is in the US and I'll say if it's in the North-west, South-west etc. If I can't answer one don't blame me though, I don't know all of them.